My Story

Hi! I’m Niki Parker.

I’m a licensed independent social worker who offers online mental health therapy to women, parents, kids, and families living in Ohio and Michigan.

I help women and mothers manage the challenges of parenting/co-parenting/step-parenting, develop loving boundaries with kids and family, examine “self-hood” inside the role of motherhood, and regain a sense of balance between work and life. And I help young kids grapple with challenging life and family circumstances, digest and evaluate big emotions, and develop self-confidence and self-love.

My work is about helping clients feel fulfilled within their chosen lives, strong and stable inside relationships, and confident in who they are and what they do.

Since 2009 I’ve specialized in working with adults, teenagers, and children who struggle with anxiety and/or the general sense of overwhelm that comes with our digital, often disconnected world. In contrast to the world’s message that we (mothers especially) must “Have It All Together,” I want to say this: 

“There is nothing wrong with you if your life doesn’t match the posts you see on social media. 
Your value as a person is not dependent on meeting the world’s absurd standards for you.
You are beautifully made. You are capable. You have an important role to play.”

 And you deserve to feel these Truths from the depths of your being! The work I do with clients brings this (and more) to the forefront.

On A Personal Note

Outside work-life I’m deeply devoted to my relationship with Jesus Christ, joyfully married to my husband, and forever balancing my roles as step-parent to our daughter and biological-parent to our son. I spend my days learning and practicing respectful, loving parenting and humble, devoted service to my Christian faith.

With the work I do and the life I live, I hope to address the everyday challenges women and mothers face by supporting women, mothers, and families in regaining their sense of balance and autonomy inside even the most challenging circumstances.

Life is genuinely hard, yes. But it should never feel impossible. 

Cost of Service

$125 per 50-minute session*

Currently Accepted Insurance Plans –

  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Private Pay
  • Out of Network

*Insurance rates are based on provider contracts.

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For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.